Rental conditions



Conditions to Rent a Campervan from the Company IV Group Ltd.

1 Reservation

The reservation of a Campervan is made in the booking system on the website, via e-mail or phone as follows:

– upon agreement or reservation of the selected Campervan a 25 % deposit of the Rent for the agreed period of use of the Campervan shall be paid. After execution of the payment, you will receive a written confirmation that the Campervan is booked for the dates as specified by you.

– until 2 (two) days before starting of the Rental period – the rest 75% of the Rent for the agreed period of use of the Campervan shall be paid. Minimum 5 (five) working days before the booking date a copy of the driving licence and a copy of the ID card or international passport shall be provided in order to prepare a Power of Attorney and arrangement of all documents

 - When the booking is made and the total amount is paid 2 /TWO/ months before the Rental period the Client shall use 5 % discount.

2 Security Deposit:

On the day of Rent of the Campervan a SECURITY deposit shall be deposited as follows:




The deposit will be totally refunded upon returning of the Campervan, if:

  • There are no damages of the Campervan and equipment of the hotel part, as well as of the whole outside part of the Campervan;
  • The Campervan is returned in the specified time and at the specified place
  • Refueled,
  • Cleaned both inside and outside
  • Cleaned toilet box,
  • Available keys and documents,
  • Without any missing items of both kitchen and hotel equipment specified in a bilateral protocol /inventory/
  • Refueled propane-butane bottles

In case the LESSEE fails to fulfill the above, she/he shall pay the following penalties:

* uncleaned toilet box - BGN 40
* unwahsed outside- BGN 25
* uncleaned inside- BGN 25
* uncleaned waste water reservoir - BGN 10

* non refueled gas bottle - BGN 20
* in case the fuel reservoir is not full the quantity of the whole reservoir should be paid

* for the overdue days of returning of the Campervan the daily fee shall be paid according to the price list plus missing opportunities of the next reservations.

3 Manner of payment

The LESSOR accepts bank payment to


IBAN: BG22UNCR7000 1520 4577 96


IV Group Ltd.

4 Drivers

The drivers should be between 25-65 years having at least 3-year driving licence, category B. Each driver, to whom medical or legal restrictions are imposed, shall notify the LESSOR in advance. The driving licence and the vehicle permit shall be presented for verification upon arrangement of the documents.

5 Baggage storage and the personal vehicle

We provide the LESSEE with free guarded parking for the time when she/he will use the Campervan. The LESSOR shall be fully responsible for their integrity after the preparation of a preliminary take-over protocol.


6 Rental period:

The Rent of the Campervan shall be made on a working day from 8.00 a.m. until 5.30 p.m. from the facility in Sofia.

The returning of the Campervan shall be made not later than 5.00 p.m. on the Contract expiration day. Late return is possible upon preliminary agreement between the parties, but not later than 8.00 p.m.!

ATTENTION!!! No money for earlier return of the Campervan shall be refunded.

7 The Rent price includes:

* Annual vignette for the territory of the Republic  of Bulgaria
* Full Comprehensive Insurance
* Civil Liability Insurance
* Full Fuel Reservoir
* Full reservoir with clear water
* Clean and charged toilet box
* Full propane-butane bottle
* Power of Attorney for driving of the vehicle in Bulgarian and English
* Stand for bicycles

* Table with chairs
* Kitchen equipment – plates, glasses, forks, knives, house ware - under inventory!  

*Up to 400 km run per day. For each kilometer above the specified ones additional BGN 0,50/km shall be charged.

Example: If the Campervan is rented for 10 days and the run kilometers are 4100 the additional amount due shall be calculated as follows depending of the extra kilometers: 100 km х BGN 0,50 = BGN 50.00 

8 The Rent price does not include additional services as follows:

Children’s chair Unit price: BGN 40.00/pc


Liner – a set of liner, a pillow and a cover for 1 person

Unit price: BGN 20.00/pc


Set of towels and facecloth for 1 person

Unit price: BGN 10.00/pc


Detergent for a chemical toilet

Unit price: BGN 5.00/pc


Bicycle min. 1 pc. For the whole period

Unit price: BGN 35.00/pc




Unit price: BGN 40.00/pc


Transfer to the  Sofia airport

Unit price: BGN 50.00/pc



9 Obligations of the LESSEE

– To use the rented vehicle for its designation only;

– To take care for the vehicle, to keep the documents and keys of the vehicle always with her/him;

- To undertake current maintenance of the rented vehicle and to maintain its technical good condition (for contracts concluded for over 14 days) and to undertake all costs for consumables related to its use. In case of failure or doubt that such failure of the rented vehicle occurred during the Contract Validity Period the LESSEE shall immediately notify the LESSOR and it shall undertake all measures needed to prevent or reduce the damages of the rented vehicle and their repair shall be made by competent persons and/or vehicle service stations after a mandatory agreement with the LESSOR;

- In case of accident, damage or failure she/he shall call the Traffic Authorities/Traffic Police regardless the fault for the damages in compliance with all requirements to the preparation of protocols and other documents as well as it shall undertake all measures needed for saving, prevention or reduction of the damages caused to the rented vehicle;

- to notify immediately the LESSOR about an accident, to report all facts, circumstance and data related to the insurance event as well as to provide full assistance to the LESSEE and Insurance Company, which has insured the Campervan for the purposes of clarification of the case;

- In case of theft of the rented vehicle she/he shall notify immediately the LESSOR and the vehicle permit and the keys shall be provided by the LESSEE. Otherwise, the LESSEE shall pay 30 /thirty/ calendar days the whole insurance amount of the rented vehicle as it is specified in the Full Comprehensive Insurance of the rented Campervan and in this case the LESSOR shall keep the right to lay some additional claims towards the LESSEE under the current Contract and for missed opportunities as well.

THE LESSEE shall not have the right to:

- Re-rented to other persons the driving of the rented Campervan, excluding the ones authorized by the LESSOR as well as to violate the state borders, Traffic Act, rules for Application of the Traffic Act effective on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria as well as the laws effective in the Republic of Bulgaria and the laws of the states of staying.


- the LESSOR shall be responsible for damages caused by the LESSEE or any third person due to technical failure proven by an independent technical expertise;

- LESSOR shall provide the Campervan to the LESSEE on the agreed day and at the time according to the Rental Contract, cleaned both outside and inside, with fully refueled reservoir, with filled drinking water reservoir, 1 or 2 refueled gas bottles (depending on the duration of the Rental period);

- In case of failure of the Campervan due to wearing during the rental period the LESSEE shall notify the LESSOR about the occurred failure. If the failure could not be removed within 24 hours and/or it does not allow the LESSEE to use the Campervan until the end of the rental period the LESSOR shall provide the LESSEE with a Campervan with similar parameters or when it is not possible the latter shall refund to the LESSEE the amount equal to the period of the rental Contract when the Campervan is not used.

- the LESSOR shall not be responsible for any consequences due to violation of the LESSEE of the Legislation and/or Traffic Act of the respective country where the LESSEE stays during the rental period;

- the LESSOR shall not be responsible for possession and trafficking of any prohibited substances, drugs, weapons, ammunitions, dangerous chemicals, works of art, without documents for ownership on the part of the LEASSEE, which are in violation of the legislation and/or law of the respective country of stay of the LESSEE during the rental period;

- the LESSOR shall not be responsible for any low quality fuel and defects caused by them! All costs for maintenance, repatriation and any other costs shall be on the account of the LESSEE. In this case, no replacement of the vehicle is due.

11 Defects, failures, damages, accidents and maintenance:

If any defects or failures of the Campervan occur after the commencement of the Rental Period the LESSEE shall call the LESSOR immediately by phone.
А. THE LESSEE shall be responsible for all costs caused due to a violation of the Traffic Act.
B. In case of accident the LESSEE shall notify the Traffic Police of the country where the traffic accident has occurred as well as the LESSOR.

C. The LESSEE shall ask the respective authorities to provide a document for the accident. Otherwise, when she/he will be back all maintenance costs shall be on her/his account. The LESSEE shall check regularly the oil level in the motor, the pressure of tires as well as all other liquids of the Campervan’s motor.


C.1. All defects, damages and maintenance caused by negligence or careless use by the LESSEE shall be on her/his account.

D. THE LESSEE shall not be provided with another vehicle, if she/he has used the Campervan careless or the damage is caused due to her/his negligence.
The driver shall be fully responsible about damages caused due to use of alcohol and/or narcotics regardless the available document for traffic accident issued by the respective authorities.

E. In case of failure, breaking or accident caused due to negligence or disregard by a Third party/proven with a statement issued by the Traffic police/, but not by the LESSEE, which impedes her/him to use fully the Campervan, the LESSOR shall be notified immediately and the LESSEE shall undertake the following actions:
* maintenance in the closest service. The service shall be authorized and completely competent to issue an accountancy document for the maintenance;
* use of Traffic Aid
If the LESSOR is not able to provide another Campervan until the end of the rental period the later shall refund to the LESSEE only the amount equal to the unused days. It shall be made when the LESSOR will receive the insurance premium for this accident.
E All amounts under the previous item, which are paid by the LESSEE shall be refunded by the LESSOR upon presentation of the original invoices after the return.
Е.1. No costs for maintenance, change, flat tire or explosion of a tire shall be refunded.

Е.2. The deductible of the LESSEE in each amount shall be up to the amount paid by her/him as a security deposit.

F. THE LESSEE shall not be responsible for the consequences due to violation of the legislation and the Traffic Act by the respective party.
G The LESSOR shall not be responsible for occurrence of circumstances beyond its control, which cause changes of the route /natural calamities, military actions, mass protests, strikes etc./, which impede the journey.

12 Pets

The pets could be taken only upon a preliminary and explicit agreement by the LESSOR. Please, pay attention that taking the pets with you might require more maintenance and cleaning activities and these additional costs shall be borne by the LESSEE.

13 Cancellation of the reservation and penalties:

The LESSOR shall keep the right to cancel the reservation when:
The validity of the driving licence or ID card is expired during the travel period and in such case the LESSEE shall not have the right to claim refunding of the 25% amount of the paid security deposit.


If the LESSEE terminates the journey 7 (seven) days before the initial date of the reservation, she/he shall not have the right to claim refunding of the amount of 25% of the paid security deposit.


The Campervan shall be handed over by the LESSOR to the LESSEE with a take-over protocol in proper technical condition, cleaned both outside and inside and with the mandatory equipment as required by the Traffic Authorities.