Cookie policy

Cookie policy

Policy for use of cookies

Notification pursuant to Directive 009/136/EU Cookie Law

For the correct functioning of the website and for the improvement of the services the website uses so called “cookies” - small text files containing fragments of information about the visitors of the website. These “cookies” are two types: Generated by the website platform and generated by external services used by the platform.

When visiting website for the first time the visitor is notified about use of “cookies” with a message under the address ribbon of the browser.

What the “cookie” is?

The cookie is a small file containing a text set of information, which a given website transfers from the web browser to the hard disk of your computer either temporary within the duration of your visit or sometimes for longer periods depending on the “cookie” type. “Cookies” execute particular functions (including differentiating you among the other users of the same website or memorizing particular information related to you, e.g. your preferences) and are used by the most websites in order to facilitate your surfing. Each “cookie” is unique for your web browser and will contain certain anonymous information as well. “The cookie” usually contains the name of the domain it comes from, “the life duration” of the “cookie” and a value (usually as a random generated number).

Types of “cookies”

Session “cookies”

These are temporary “cookies”, which remain in the file with “cookies” on your web browser only for the duration of your visit and are deleted upon closure of the browser.

Constant “cookies”

They will remain in the file with “cookies” on your web browser and when closing the browser sometimes for a year or longer (the exact time duration will depend on the “life duration” of the particular “cookie”). The constant “cookies” are used when the website operator knows who you are during the more than one surfing session (e.g. to remember your user name or preferences for personalization of the web browse).

“Cookies” on the first party

These are “cookies” put on your browser and/or hard disk by the actual website you are visiting. This includes your movement through the website. The website operators often use “cookies” at the fist page of the session management for the purposes of recognition.

“ Cookies” on a third party

These are “cookies” used by third parties, e.g. social networks for tracing of your visits to different websites where they advertise. The website operator does not have control over the “cookies” of any third parties.

Do the “cookies” contain personal data?

The cookies by themselves do not require any personal information for their use in order to be used mostly for the identification of the personality of the Internet users. The personal data collected by the use of cookies could be collected only to facilitate the use by the user. These data are encrypted in a manner, preventing the access to them of unauthorized persons.

Deletion of “cookies”

In general, a particular application for access to the websites allows saving the cookies by default. These settings could be changed in a manner allowing blocking of the management of cookies by the web browser or by the user to be informed each time when cookies are sent to its terminal. Detailed information on the options and manner of management of cookies could be find in the application settings (of the website). Restriction of the use of cookies might affect some functions of the website.

Why the “cookies” are important for the Internet?

The cookies are a central point for the effective functioning in Internet helping to prepare a particular model of preferences and interests for each consumer. Disagreement or deactivation of the cookies could make the use of some websites impossible.

The rejection or deactivation of the cookies does not mean that you will not receive any on line advertisements, but that these ones will not appear on your account of preferences and interests collected by the surfing behaviour. Examples for the important role of the cookies (which does not require certification by an account):

  • Content and services adapted to the preferences of the user - service and service categories.
  • Offers adapted to the user preferences - saving of passwords.
  • Saving of the filters for protection against children in view of the Internet content (option family mode, safe search function).
  • Restriction of the frequency of use of ads - restriction of the pops up of a particular add for the website visitor.
  • Showing adds that might be interested for the visitor.
  • Measurement, optimization and characteristics of the analytics - how to confirm a particular traffic level in the website, what type of content is visualized and the manner used by the visitors to find a particular website (e.g.: searching machines, other websites etc.)


Our websites uses so called “cookies”. These are small text files loaded on the browser and saved at your end device. They are harmless.

We use them for making our website user friendly. Some “cookies” remain saved on your device until you delete them. They allow us to identify your browser during your next visit to our website.

We use „cookies“pursuant to Article 4а of the Law for electronic trade (ЗЕТ) and Article, Para. 1, letter (е) GDPR.

If you do not agree with this you could reject saving by setting of your browser to notify you when any website wants to save “cookies” on your device and you respectively will accept them or not.

Please, be aware, that the deactivation of the “cookies” in your browser might restrict the functionality of our website for you.

Analysis of the Internet traffic

Our website analyzes the user interface traffic by Google Analytics. For this purpose, we use “cookies”, which allow us to analyze how the users use our website. The so received information is sent to the server of the supplier of the technical solution and save it there.

You could prevent this by setting of your browser not allowing the saving of “cookies”.

The processing of the data for analysis of an Internet traffic is made pursuant to Article 6, Para. 1, letter (a) and/or (е) GDPR.

We store and process your data in compliance with the law and we will never keep them longer than needed. After achievement of the purpose of collection of your data I V Group Ltd. will destroy them, in spite the effective law does not stipulate anything else.

Newsletter, mailing

You could subscribe for our newsletter/mailing by filling in of a form on our website. For this purpose we need your e-mail address and your agreement to send you the respective messages.

You could cancel the subscription for our newsletter/mailing any time. Please, send your cancellation to the following e-mail:, in order to delete your data related to the sending of our newsletter/mailing.

Declaration on protection of the personal data

The protection of your personal data is very important for us, so that is why we process your information explicitly in compliance with the applicable legislation, in particular GDPR, the law for protection of personal data (LPPD) and Law for electronic trade (LET). With this declaration, we inform you on the most important issues of the processing of your data on our website.

What happens with your data after contacting us?

When you write us to an e-mail specified on the website we save your data for a period sufficient for processing of your request as well as in order to answer your next questions. We will not share this information with any third parties without your explicit consent!

Saving of your data

Please, note that aiming to facilitate the process of ordering and purchasing as well as for the following execution of the contract with you we save your IP address as well as your names, address and e-mail address.

Besides, in order to execute the contract with you we save:

  • UIC and company name. The data, provided by you are needed for us to execute our contractual or pre-contractual obligations to you.

We do not provide these data to any third persons except:

  • The supplier of payment services, processing the payment (bank, ePay)
  • our accountant.

The websites elaborate these analyses and their use aiming to improve the website in favour of the users.

If the order is not completed, we delete the respective data. When the order is completed and the contract is executed by us pursuant to Art.. 6, para. 1, letters (а) and (b) of GDPR we save all data about the legal relationships until the expiration of 10-year period stipulated in Art. 12 of the Accountancy Law.

Your rights

You have access to your data processed by us as well as the right to correct, delete (the right “to be forgotten”), restriction of the processing, data portability, cancellation of the agreement and objection.

If you think that our processing of your data violates the provisions for protection of personal data or if you consider that your rights according to this regulation have been violated anyhow, you could contact the competent administrative authority. In Bulgaria, this authority is the Commission for protection of personal data.

Our contact details are:

  • Address: I V Group Ltd., Sofia 6, Okolchitsa Str., entr. B, fl. 7
  • e-mail:
  • Phone: +359 879 191 001
  • Phone: +359 888 767 123