About us

We are a small family company established in 2011 making our hobby a profession.
We have the ambition to enlarge our business by offering on the market some other services related to the camping style of life. 
Why to choose a campervan vacation?
Often, some people say that they have never had an experience to travel by campervan so they usually ask: “Why should I rent a campervan, if when paying for the camping, fuel and many other things the bill will be like the hotel one?” Well, we are not going to lie on you - this really costs money! However, this is not the real idea of the campervan vacation. Such adventure is not comparable with the hotels at all.  
•    The possibility to wake up wherever you want every day is indescribable, the views are breathtaking and the feeling is incomparable. We could provide you exactly this experience and even much more things that will make your adventure unforgeable.  
•    You’ll feel like home everywhere in the world. 
•    We offer you a cosy four-wheel home. Traveling by a campervan makes you feel free, independent and ease. Anyway, everybody dreams about a “perfect vacation” promoted by the advertisings and announcements shown on TV and in Internet. Each of us has seen them and has dreamed about her/his “perfect vacation” depending on her/his own taste and desire. Everybody could make such present to herself/himself and to her/his family by renting of a campervan.  
•    You do not depend on anything and anybody, there is no „You should leave the room by 12:30“, or „The breakfast is from 7:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.“ or „The restaurant does not work at noon “.
•    Your auxiliary needs in food or afternoon rest are again under your control and always near you, even a step away from the splendid view.
•    You are the tourist agent of your own trip, because the route and the auxiliary excursions are organized by you!
All this things make you absolutely independent and give you an option to have a non-standard vacation!
Make your wish come true!